2000-02-09: Oh my god....This award was presented to me today, im stunned and of course very happy. Thank you!

Provided by: The International Association of  Web Masters & Designers ============================================== 

First we would like to thank you for submitting your web-site for review. All web sites are voted on by the Association members. All I.A.W.M.D. decisions are final.

 Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 1999-2000 Golden Web Award.


Hello there, here you can find the awards thats been presented to me over a period of time. Everyone of them means the world to me. I am really greatful for all of you out there who did present me with thoose awards.

As you go further on and have a look at the awards, please pay them a visit as well since the text below each award are linked back to them. 

Every award can be cliked on to see them in actaul sizes.

To all of you that awarded me so nicely, Thanks a million!!!! They keep me warm and makes me wanna put all this efforts into my site.

Use the links below to see the awards.

Best regards /Peter.