Peter´s Corner proudly presents: The family.

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Here we are:

Peter Lövgren himself

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My name is as you can see Peter and i live in the northern parts of sweden, called Lapland. The small town i live in is Åsele, there are about 2500 peoples living here.
I have 3 kids, Michael (10), Timmy (4) and Erica (3) and yet one to be born in august or something.
My wifes name is Malin and she´s 24 yrs old (i´m 31, hehe). Michael, the older son live with my exwife that is his mother, they live in a place called Bispgården and it´s about 250 km from here. If you wish and dare to see what we look like, click our thumbnails to see our pictures.
Wife: Malin Lövgren

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She´s born and raised in a small village about 130 km:s from Umeå called Fredrika, she lived there untill the age of 17 when she moved to vilhelmina to study. She studied to be a clerk but it wasn´t something she liked so today she´s a nurse after several terms of studying.
Her great passions in life except from the family is dogs, food and dancing. I met Malin for about 8 yrs ago.
Kid #1 Michael Lövgren

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Michael´s 10 yrs old and lives in Långsele with his mother after we separated, He´s a happy little boy with his head on the right place an dlikes to be with his friends. He´s very mature for his age and he´s far before his classmates in school.
Kid #2 Timmy Lövgren

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Timmy is a little nice guy at the age of four who likes to play with my computer, he will probably be a little hacker with a little practise. He´s also a real fanatic regarding kids-tv, for instance cartoon network. He has a lot of friends but acording to him the best one lives in Fredrika and his name is Kent Olofsson and Andréas Karlsson. Timmy sent his regards to them when i wrote this.
Kid #3 Erica Lövgren

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Erica is 15 months younger than Timmy but she´s born the year after him and she is the cool part of our family, she likes to take care of people, for instance can i tell you that she gets up every morning and makes breakfast to Timmy (sandwiches and milk, she even spreadds them for him!), she even likes to spoil me by getting the morning paper to me while i´m still a sleep. Her friend at the daycare center is Rasmus and she says hello to him.
Kid #4 ?????? Lövgren
The story is to be told in the future, but i can say that the pregnacy is going ok for now. Hopefully it´ll be a healthy and funny little kid as the other three i have. They have set the date to 20:th of august 2000.