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Clik this link to get to  Thords (the artists) homepage. Use the thumbnail to view the image at full size. 

/ Thank you Thord for the image.

In this forum we can exchange different thoughts and feelings about dogs, just click the button to mail your first issue.

Here you´ll find pictures and some fact about one of the dogs we´ve had, Akeas x-tra, the reason why i just choose to name one is because this side is supposed to give you all some information about German shepherd, but mostly in links to thoose who really can learn you something.
Akea´s x-tra The male with the capitol "M", an outstanding dog that had it all from guarding to rescuedog, in between he was so cool and sharp in his sences, he loved our kids and they loved him. We had him i our family for more than a year and we miss him a lot since we had to give him back to the owner, but we´re not sorry because we know he´s really good there. In order to honor him i´ve made a simple award that i would like to give to someone who has a really good site about dogs, please mail me if you know one and don´t forget the url.

I can´t say that i would be so good that i could learn you something about dogs, but the links on my page is a good way to do so. Please, mail me if you or anyone else has got a good site about dogs that i could link to, ihope to get some sites in english etc. If you also know about a pet store or pet supply store etc, that would like a link from my page, ask them to mail me and we´re one the way to do so.

Thanks Jörgen Thorsell for letting me use your pictures!!!

Here´s some good dog site links, mostly in swedish so far.

Here you´ll find: Svenska schäferhundklubben i Lycksele. (swe)
Here you´ll find information about German shepherds. (swe)
Here are some information about why dogs can show agressions. (swe)
A site about dog training. (swe)
Here you´ll find Jörgen Thorsells German shepherd facts. (swe)
Xerox - A German Shepherd on the net!. (swe)
Övärdens kennel You´ll find it here. (swe)
Lena , Rimit¨z Acke och Öväredens Angus. (swe)
Åmex - a german shepherd of course! (swe)

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