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Hi and welcome to Peterīs Corner, are you new here, i really like you to enjoy your stay here since i have put a lot of effort into making my site a nice place to spend some time on.

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Here you can find a lot to read and see, pleasure for both mind and soul i hope. If you take your time and check out the site i really think you can find somethig worth spending a little time to go through. Here you can find information about German shepherds, free webhosts, awards to apply for, you can order your graphics and even a homepage if you need one, humor and much more.

I really hope that you leave your mark in the guestbook so that i can pay you a visit as well in return. I promise to retturn the favour of signing the guestbook within a nearby future. If youīre looking for a guestbook, check out the one that i offer for free, under the "Need a guestbook?" link.

I have had this site out on the internet since november the 5:th and itīs updated very often so please come back and have a look on whats been updated since the last time you were here. Now go on and take the tour around my site for a while and enjoy!

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