Peter Lvgrens Uuunbelievable Tattoo page.

Here youll find pictures and some information about our tattoos. Click on the thumbnails to se them larger.

This is my tribal which i made -99, I did the motiv myself after some inspiring pics at the net, so im very pleased with the result if i may say so, im also the only one who has that motiv. I placed this one on my left upperarm/shoulder. I have plans for building it so it goes up on top of the shoulder, so please come back to view the result.

wpe57.gif (53631 byte)

This one i made -98 on my right shoulder and i really like it but unfortunatly there are as i know 2 identical tattoos in sweden so far.

wpe59.gif (55415 byte)

Malin had this tatto done in -98 after a group called DIOs record cover, shes got it on her right upperarm and we planned to have the same one as we went to the studio, but when we got there i found my bat tattoo so shes alone with this one now.

wpe5B.gif (58968 byte)

Malins latest, spiderman she did this one -99 she figured out the motiv together with Timmy, our son and its rather unusual, dont you think? atleast to see it this way.

wpe5D.gif (179619 byte)