Peter´s Corner presents: Akea´s X-tra

Here´s a picture of Akea´s X-tra when i saw him this december (1999), X-tra is a really great dog and i feel like it´s  a best friend i meet everytime i see him. He did get so happy one of the times we met so i have a broken tooth  in my mouth, i dont´blame him though since i was at least as happy. Otherwise he was so cool, and guarding at the right times. We used to struggle with a piece of gardeninghose and i could spin him around in the air and he didn´t let go.

This is X-tra in 1994, when  i got him. He was really a lovely puppy, but as always it´s a lot of work to be done too, but you seem to forget the problems all the time, it seems like there´s only fun!?


As i said i did have the honor of follow x-tra during his first 18 months and even today i´m filled with joy due to that fact. He has given me so much joy, happiness and value during that time, i´ll never forget him..

Here´s  x-tra and a female that we´ve had as well, Akea´s Yra. Yra too was a great dog and i miss her too, but the time to do a story for each and one of the 5 dogs wevé had ain´t enough.

I had the honor to start educate x-tra to a rescuedog, i had great obedience in x-tra but we did never compete.He was extremly faithful.

For instance one time when he was a puppy and we went fishing, x-tra and my wife stood on the other side of the lake and x-tra happened to see me, then he just jumped straight out even though he had him in his up, this event could have ended very unhappy but fortunately everything was ok.

Another time X-tra saw me out in a boat fishing and decided to get to me...guess if i had problems getting him up in the boat..hahaha....


Every morning when he woke up, he came to my side of the bed and pushed me with his nose so i should move over and give him the possibility to climb the bed. He laid down next to me, with his back to my chest and wanted me to place my arm around him, then he went back to sleep. Aint that great or what?








Tack till Jörgen Thorsell för att jag fick låna dina bilder!